Open Post: Hosted By The Fraidy Cat Spooked By The Christmas Tree

The holidays are spooky AF, and I’m not just talking about how shopping for all our snot-nosed relatives takes a giant dump on our bank accounts. It’s that we actively want a fat white man in a red costume to break into our houses and eat cookies that could otherwise be in our bellies! I’m only kidding, but there is one long-haired pussy cat in Japan who seems none too pleased her humans replaced her scratching post with a Christmas tree.

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Wow, Can you see anything? ?? . タラちゃん、あなたには何が見えるの??‼️ 今日はかなり長い時間立っててビックリしましたー。 途中から伸びたりするのが 納豆の #ねばーる君 みたいに思えたのは私だけでしょうか? . 実際は、新しいガーデンホースで水やりしてるお父さんの姿にびっくりしてたみたいです。茶色のホースだからヘビにでも見えたのかな…かなりの大蛇? . #catloversclub #9gag #funnycat #catsofinstagram #meowed #pleasantcats #bestmeow #weeklyfluff #instagram #catoftheday #scottishfold #animalsco #catsofworld #thedodo #instacats #makemyday #cutecatcrew #ilovemycat #adorable

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HuffPost says the cat, Tara-chan, lives in Japan. The reporter swears Tara-chan isn’t a normal cat and looking for a way to destroy the tree and then slink away. I’ll believe that when I see videos that prove that statement. While Tara looks like she was just told Santa is skipping her house this year and all she’ll be getting is coal in lieu of Whiskas, apparently she doesn’t give a rat’s or feline’s ass about the damn tree in front of her. She’s just more concerned with her owner using a garden hose out of the frame. Hoses look like snakes, so her deadly fear would make sense. But you know what else would make sense? Her then going to nibble on some of the tinsel on the tree and coughing it up later when her owners are trying to Netflix and chill. Yeah, I’m definitely not a cat person.

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