Oregon Health Official Dresses as Clown While Announcing COVID Death Toll

No one’s laughing about the rising COVID death toll, which is why this is a total WTF moment — a senior health official announcing grim numbers … while rocking a clown costume.

Try not to be distracted by the full clown makeup, red tie, polka dot shirt and yellow pants the official was wearing as she somberly rattled off the tally for COVID cases and deaths in Oregon.

The answer to your question — who’s this clown? She’s reportedly Claire Poche from the Oregon Health Authority. We know it’s Halloween and all, but Claire never addresses her attire in the video.

Officials are reportedly dismissing it as just a costume, but that doesn’t square with the fact the video was recorded Oct. 14, making it 2 weeks old now and pretty early for a Halloween. Plus, the sign language interpreter isn’t in a costume … so, Claire really stands out.

Put it on the board — our first Halloween faux pas of 2020.

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