Princess Diana’s unlikely visits to Capital Radio to ‘get away from lifestyle’ detailed

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Pat Sharp, who is best known for presenting the popular show Fun House, has detailed the moments he shared with Princess Diana. The former Capital Radio DJ explained that the royal would often visit the studio in a bid to “get away from her lifestyle”.

The 59-year-old said she was a big fan of radio and would often pop in and listen to their broadcasts.

The presenter believed that her visits were often a form of escapism from her reality of royal life.

Pat also dished on her favourite pop band being Duran Duran and how the late Princess loved everything about “pop music”.

“I’ve met Princess Diana on a number of occasions,” Pat explained.

“She was a big fan of Capital Radio and would come into the station and sit and watch Graham Dene doing his radio show.

“I suppose it was a getaway from her lifestyle.”

He continued: “She would come in and have a cup of coffee out of a polystyrene cup, and sit and watch her favourite breakfast show go out on the air.”

Pat also spoke of chatting with Princess Diana directly at a charity event.

He had teamed up with his colleague Mick Brown and released a charity single, I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet, which became a top-10 hit.

The royalties from their record sales were donated to Capital FM’s Help A London Child charity.

Pat explained: “I met [Princess Diana] at the Help a London Child lunch where we got to shake hands.

“We raised over £300,000 from selling our records and we got to meet her and stand in line and shake her hand. The picture is out there.”


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He continued: “I chatted with her on a couple of occasions. Do you know why? She was a similar age to me.

“She knew us, she was aware.”

Pat went on: “Her favourite group was Duran Duran when she was at Live Aid.

“She liked pop music, she liked popstars and everything that went with the radio station.”

He added: “She liked her normal life before she became who she was.

“I guess that’s what she was embracing. Any chance she got to do it was brilliant for her and it kept her in the real world away from the world she was in.”

Meanwhile, Pat has recently released his spoof autobiography Re-Run The Fun: My Life As Pat Sharp.

The DJ dishes on meetings with the royals to assisting Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell and her infamous Union Jack dress.

Speaking about his book, he commented: “It’s based on the things that I’ve done and places that I have been, but it’s highly exaggerated.

“It’s a work of fiction based on fact. So, it’s a spoof memoir that makes it a lot more enjoyable I think. But it’s very much laugh out loud stuff.”

Re-Run The Fun: My Life As Pat Sharp is available for purchase now.


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