Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel step out in Stockholm without masks (again)

Here are some photos of Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel out in Stockholm yesterday. Yes, I’m desperate for new royal photos and new royal storylines. Don’t make me write about Tiaragate again, I swear to God. Victoria and Daniel were visiting a “hospitality industry employer’s organization” called Visita, according to Backgrid. Victoria’s dress is a $675 piece by the Swedish label Rodebjer, one of her favorites. That seems like a hefty price tag for this dress? I’m sure there are some cheaper dresses which look very similar.

I know there are more important things to worry about, but it is absolutely driving me up the wall that so many European royals are not wearing masks at their public events. IT IS NOT HARD. And they’re all public figures, tasked with setting a good example for their people. Why is this so hard? Wear a damn mask. The Daily Mail actually noted Victoria’s masklessness and pointed out that “Sweden’s top coronavirus expert argued wearing coverings is ‘very dangerous’ because it gives the impression it is safe to be in crowded rooms or on public transport.” Well… wouldn’t it be more dangerous to be on public transport without a mask? I don’t get the point the “expert” was trying to make. And while it appears as if Daniel and Victoria were social-distancing, why not wear a damn mask just for good measure?

Also: I missed these photos last week – these are pics of Victoria and Daniel with their two kids, Estelle and Oscar, at Victoria’s birthday celebration at Solliden Palace. Victoria looks so pretty here, and so does Estelle. Oscar’s face says, to me, that palace life is pretty grim.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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