Rihanna Encourages Cancer-Stricken Fan With Uplifting Message

Rihanna has sent an uplifting message of support to a fan battling cancer.

The singer took to Instagram on Tuesday, December 04, to share words of hope with a fan named Monia who has been undergoing treatment for the illness. The London based young woman uploaded a photo of herself on the social media site with an oxygen tank, referring to the equipment as a “fashion statement.”

The “Umbrella” hitmaker commented on the image, writing,”Sis we are all praying for you! Your strength and your ability to let the beauty in your spirit shine through, even in the midst of adversity, is tremendously inspiring!!”

“Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us!” she added. “I imagine it’s quite a lonely one, hours on end in hospital walls, being scared to even fall asleep because you’re afraid u won’t wake up, feeling like nobody will ever understand that, the physical agony, the medication and all their side effects…I can’t begin to imagine what you feel, so I want you to know we are all here for you and I encourage the NAVY to rally around you during these times!”

Monia, who has interacted with the star on Instagram in the past responded by thanking the 30-year-old for “being so real and supportive.”

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