Scott Eastwood Has a Very Close Encounter with Orcas in Mexico

Scott Eastwood had a very up close and personal run-in with a couple killer whales while paddle boarding down in Mexico — and while it’s incredible to see … it’s also kinda scary.

Clint Eastwood‘s son posted a video of himself out in the waters of Baja California Sur, where he says he and a pal stopped for lunch before paddling out to sea after hearing some orcas in the water.

Scott says they thought the wild beasts had disappeared by the time they got out there — but, apparently, some whale noises and splashing around made 2 orcas circle back … and, boy, did they get close. Check out the clip – Scott and co. could’ve touched ’em if they wanted.

It’s a majestic scene for sure, but ya gotta wonder how risky the dip with the whales really was. While orcas aren’t known to attack humans … it’s always a possibility they could.

Worth it? Scott sure seems to think so.

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