Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Her Suicide Attempt Four Years Ago

Sharon Osbourne is getting honest with fans about a tough time she went through recently.

The 68-year-old talk show host opened up on the latest episode of The Talk about how she attempted suicide four years ago.

“Four years ago, I tried to take my life and it wasn’t for attention. I just couldn’t bare it,” she said.

Sharon revealed that she “went to a place to give me help” and she met two girls in the facility who changed her outlook on life.

“They told me they were drinking and using drugs…both of them, their mothers had committed suicide. And it messed them up so bad, that they couldn’t cope with their lives and that shocked me into… am I going to do this to my family, my babies, no way. And that shocked me – it was like an electric shock and it was like, get it together,” Sharon said. “It was like look at these two girls. If I try this again, this could be my kids.”

Last week, Sharon got candid about another part of her personal life – her sex life with husband Ozzy Osbourne.

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