Sharon Osbourne Opposes Dax Shepard for Allowing Children to Experiment With Drugs

Sharon, heartbroken when her two children followed husband Ozzy Osbourne into drug addiction, disagrees with people who allow their kids to experiment with drugs.

AceShowbizSharon Osbourne was left “heartbroken” after her children Kelly and Jack followed their dad Ozzy down the road of drug addiction.

The Black Sabbath rocker struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for four decades before getting clean in 2012. Both Kelly and Jack have also battled similar addiction issues, with mum Sharon admitting their problems broke her heart.

“We’ve had this family history with drugs, it’s not a good one,” she told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “I felt that they’ve seen their dad go through so much, my kids, that they won’t touch it – well they did and it ended badly with each of them. It did break my heart.”

Jack, Sharon and Ozzy’s eldest child, went to rehab at 17 and has been clean since 2003, while Kelly has been admitted to rehab seven times and finally kicked her drink and drug addictions in 2017.

Elsewhere, Sharon touched upon the controversial comments made by actor Dax Shepard on a recent episode of his “Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard” podcast, when he said that he wouldn’t have a problem with his children experimenting with recreational drugs.

Taking issue with his remarks, the rock matriarch said, “Call me old fashioned, I don’t like it. Not at all, not to just entertain yourself. If it’s under medical supervision, fine.”

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