‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Georgia Gibbs Shares Naked Snaps On Instagram To Promote Self-Love

Georgia Gibbs is a believer in the power of self-love. On Wednesday, the Australian Sports Illustrated swimsuit model took to her Instagram page to share a series of snaps in which she is featured naked with words of encouragement written on her body.

The snaps, which are part of a Sports Illustrated campaign shot earlier this year named “In Her Own Words,” shows the 23-year-old blonde bombshell in a series of poses while naked with words like “loyal” and “more than my appearance” written in black ink on her body.

The first photo offers a black-and-white close-up, frontal shot of Gibbs who has her hands in front of her shirtless torso to cover herself up. The words “role” and “model” are painted on her forearms. In the second shot, Gibbs is seated on the ground with her side to the camera as the phrase “more than my appearance” forms by the words painted on her back, side, and legs.

The third photo shows Gibbs lying on her back with her legs and arms strategically positioned to keep the photo censored as the same phrase is seen. In addition, the word “loyalty” appears on her inner thigh. In the fourth snap, Gibbs is sitting on her bent legs with her back to the camera, but this time she has no words on her skin. The last photo is a shot of Gibbs and fellow model Ebonee Davis side by side.

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Describe yourself in a few words, who are you? It’s challenging, think about it and type them in the comments.. ❤️ “more than my appearance, loyal, genuine, real role model,” I’ll always adore the power of this campaign and the women behind it. Full film is up on the SI TV channel on Amazon now, go watch it ???????? @taylorbphoto @robynlawley @sailorbrinkleycook @mj_day @campbellritchie @si_swimsuit #InHerOwnWords ✨ @any.body_co

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In the caption, Gibbs asks her followers to describe themselves in a few words in the comment section.

“It’s challenging, think about it and type in the comment,” she wrote, adding that her words are “more than my appearance, loyal, genuine, real role model.”

The post, which Gibbs shared with her 603,000 Instagram followers, garnered nearly 25,000 likes and more than 320 comments, with users taking to the comment section to share their admiration for Gibbs and share their words.

“Wonderer and wanderer, dreamer, self doubter, strange, weird, afraid, determined, stubborn, blissfully painfully aware. Me. I am me,” one user wrote in the comment section.

When another user asked whether the nudity was necessary, Gibbs responded that being naked represents women at their most vulnerable because they can’t hide behind anything.

As Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit” reported in February, the “In Her Own Words” project offered a platform for the models to use their voice, strength, and passion and exert their artistic and creative control in the rawest form: on the naked body.

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