Stars are nothing like us: Paris Hilton edition

Paris Hilton is a living, breathing human, but sometimes it seems like she has more in common with the stars in the sky than with us average folks. In honor of her 39th birthday on Feb. 17, 2020, is taking a look back at all the ways the former reality star is nothing like the rest of us, starting with this tidbit about how she perceives herself: During an interview for the 2018 Netflix documentary “The American Meme,” the celebutante said of life in the spotlight, “I just lived in this bubble. … The reality show world — that whole industry — you don’t really grow up. You’re almost stuck in this character. I [have been] a 21 year old for the past two decades. … It’s like ‘Groundhog Day.’ Everything I do is just the same [stuff], different day.” Added Paris, “I already do have a legacy, but once you start that, you just can’t stop. … A lot of people don’t understand that you need to be sustainable forever.” She’s right about that point: We definitely do not know what it’s like to be trapped at age 21 forever. Now keep reading for more proof that Paris Hilton is nothing like us…

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