The Kardashian Family ‘Has Had Enough’ Of Rob’s Money Problems, Per Reports

Oh, boy…

Rob Kardashian is back in the spotlight (again), and for all the wrong reasons after a new Radar Online report contends that he’s “constantly” asking for money from the rest of his family.

An insider told the outlet that the 31-year-old;s money troubles — which are directly related to his spiraling career AND a never-ending court battle with baby momma Blac Chyna — are starting to affect everyone in the family:

“He’s constantly holding his hand out and everyone – even his grandma – has had enough. They wouldn’t mind if he showed some ambition, but this is a guy who’s locked in a serious depression and work’s the last thing on his mind.”


The reality TV star is reportedly more than $300,000 in debt, and his Arthur George sock line has been less than impressive, prompting him to request the court to amend his monthly child support payments to Chyna for Dream Kardashian.

There’s a bigger issue here, though — Rob’s spending habits are allegedly out of control even beyond the current debt and child support issues!

The insider revealed more about it:

“Rob’s still blowing a small fortune on gadgets, bills for luxury items he can’t afford and partying at home, of course. He won’t listen to anyone in the family, even Khloe, who used to be his de facto therapist. He hasn’t paid rent in years, and that’s something else that grates on his relatives nerves.”

Uh oh…

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DEFINITELY not a good look…

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