There Was One Designer Princess Diana Didn’t Like To Wear Thanks To Charles And Camilla

Thanks to the monogram of a double C, Princess Diana liked to avoid Chanel after her divorce from Prince Charles.

Princess Diana was considered somewhat of a style icon. Many designers flocked to her side not only hoping she would wear their items in an effort to boost the popularity but because she was considered stylish and a trendsetter among certain demographics. However, there was one designer that Princess Diana simply refused to wear at one point and this was all thanks to her marriage break up.

According to AOL, there was a time when Princess Diana would refuse to wear items from Chanel on account of Prince Charles and Camilla. The reason behind this was the placement of the double C in Chanel products. While this monogram stands for Coco Chanel, to Diana, it stood for Charles and Camilla.

And while royal fans might suspect this aversion to Chanel occurred after Charles and Diana were divorced, it appears that the aversion went right back to the very start of their marriage.

In a secret interview that was released by National Geographic on the 20th anniversary of her death, it was revealed that Diana was already on the road to avoiding Chanel products thanks to a gift that Camilla gave Charles during Diana and Charles’ honeymoon.

“On our honeymoon, cufflinks arrive on [Charles’] wrists. Two Cs entwined like the Chanel C,” Diana revealed in the 1991 interview.

“So I said, ‘Camilla gave you those, didn’t she?’ He said, ‘Yes, so what’s wrong? They’re a present from a friend.’ And boy, did we have a row. Jealousy, total jealousy. And it was such a good idea, the two Cs, but it wasn’t that clever.”

However, while Diana might have had an aversion to Chanel after this incident, the princess was still seen from time to time sporting Chanel items during her marriage to Prince Charles. However, two months after their divorce in 1996, and during a trip to Australia, Diana refused to wear Chanel.

This instance occurred in the lead up to a charity event when designer Jayson Brundson was called in to help the princess pick accessories. As soon as Diana saw the pair of Chanel heels, she immediately refused the item.

“She said, ‘No, I can’t wear linked Cs, the double C,’” Brundson told Harper’s Bazaar. “I asked why, and she said, ‘It’s Camilla and Charles.’”

Brundson also put this aversion down to the particular timing of the event, since it followed closely after the finalization of her divorce from Charles. In addition, Brundson also suspected that the press might hone in on the double C and also link it to Charles and Camilla.

However, it seemed that her dislike for Chanel also faded over time. In fact, Diana was seen sporting a Chanel bracelet and bag just two months before her death in 1997.

As for Camilla, it seems she has no qualms about wearing Chanel. In fact, when she wore Chanel shoes recently, fans were questioning if this choice was a direct snub at Diana, according to People.

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