Tim McGraw Dishes On Quarantine Life With Wife Faith Hill: ‘We’re Doing Well’

Tim McGraw is opening up about how the quarantine life is treating him and wife Faith Hill during the pandemic.

While speaking to ET about his new single, the 53-year-old country star revealed that quarantine isn’t really that much different for them as their everyday lives.

“Faith and I spend 90 percent of our time together. We’re sort of homebodies. We don’t get out much and we always cook at home. We don’t eat out much,” he says. “We’re always around the house, so we spend a lot of time together anyway. But this has been really good. We enjoy just cuddling up and watching movies, TV series.”

Tim added that he and Faith are in Nashville with daughters Maggie and Audrey, while eldest Gracie is in LA.

“We’re doing well,” he says. “We’re spending a lot of time with family together,” he says. “We have gotten to spend some time cooking and hanging out and just enjoying each other’s company.”

As for his Mother’s Day plans with Faith, Tim says that he does have some ideas of how they’ll spend it.

“Maybe watch her favorite show and hang out, do that kind of thing. Just spend the day together,” Tim adds. “Maybe I’ll go out and hang out with her in her rose garden. She likes to go out to the rose garden and cut roses. She’s always dragging me out there, so maybe I’ll spend some time in the rose garden.”

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