Todrick Hall Praises His "Fairy Godmother" Taylor Swift For His Sweet Birthday Surprise

Taylor Swift is definitely a best friend you want in your corner. On April 4, Todrick Hall — one of her closest pals — gave her an Instagram shout-out for sending him a couple of sweet and fashionable birthday gifts since she couldn’t make it to his party. In a gallery of photos, Todrick first called out that the “End Game” singer sent him handmade cinnamon sticks, which is one of his favorite snacks. But things got even better for the 34-year-old performer as he shared Taylor also gave him an Alexander McQueen suit jacket. It’s also worth noting that Taylor sent him a card with a butterfly on it — which possibly hints at one of the themes fans are expecting from her next album.

He expressed his sheer joy and excitement in the caption, writing, “She HAND MADE me my favorite thing in the world, homemade cinna-stix for the party & surprised me with the BEATEST MOST SICKENING GAGGETROCIOUS suit jacket I have ever seen!” He went on to reveal that he had actually been eyeing the designer piece for weeks before quipping, “I will be wearing this to every event I go to for the next year thanx to my BFF/Fairy Godmother.”

Taylor and Todrick’s friendship dates back to around 2015, though it’s unclear exactly when and how they become so close. But they’ve managed to keep a tight-knit bond through casual singing sessions, backstage concert shenanigans, and important conversations about social issues. Todrick even made an appearance in Taylor’s 2017 music video for “Look What You Made Me Do.” Maybe when Taylor’s new music drops, we’ll see him in another video rocking that new Alexander McQueen fit!

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