Tom Jones: Why Tom Jones would never REMARRY after wife’s death ‘I never had that feeling’

Tom and Linda’s relationship began when the pair were just 15 when they would meet at a phone box at the end of his street in Treforest as “it would be raining – in Wales, it rains quite a lot”.

Despite being childhood sweethearts, their marriage was a rocky one – marred by the numerous affairs Tom had at the height of his career. 

Two of the Its Not Unusual singer’s more public affairs included a two-year fling with Mary Wilson of The Supremes and another with then Miss World Marjorie Wallace. 

As well as this, his relationships with female fans were well-known, with many throwing their underwear on stage as he performed to catch his attention. 

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Sir Tom, now 78, once claimed of his affairs: “I have never kept count.” 

However, Tom wrote in his autobiography how he never loved anyone the way he had loved Linda.

He said he had “never had that feeling for anyone else, I don’t think you can fall in love more than once”.

Despite his numerous affairs, Tom said Linda was the most important person in his life. 

He told the BBC: “We love one another. I think love conquers all and it’s the truth. 

“And a sense of humour… because we grew up together, we’re both Welsh.

“You know, growing up in South Wales, there’s a certain sense of humour there.”

The pair have one son together, Mark, who was born a few months after they wed in 1958. 

There is one song which will always remind Tom of his late wife, with the singer telling the Daily Star Sunday: “After I lost my wife, lyrics to a Bob Dylan song reminded me of her. It’s called ‘What Good Am I?’

“I was reading into the lyrics thinking, ‘Jesus Christ …was I partly to blame? Should I have woken up before?

“By the time we found out about her cancer it was too late. I thought, ‘What could I have done?’. It started to mean more. So that song is very touching.”

Sir Tom has often sung a cover of ‘What Good Am I’ but confessed he needed to speak with a therapist before performing the song again.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “When she passed away it was such a blow. I didn’t know whether I’d be able to do that song again.”

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