Weird things on Amazon that you may not need but will probably want

My mom used to watch that show I Want That on DIY Network and has bought me several things I don’t use much. (Mom I love you and appreciate you thinking of me!) She got really enthusiastic about the SushiQuik and bought several for friends and family. It does work well and makes it easier to make sushi, but I still only make it about twice a year. (We were just talking about kitchen gadgets last week! Hecate is much more of a chef than I am.)

My mom also bought me a really cool identity theft ink roller, similar to this one, that she saw on HSN. It blocks words, particularly your name and address, with other words in black ink. I use that thing all the time but it doesn’t work on every surface, particularly Amazon labels. It’s better suited for paper. She’s gotten me a neck pillow for sleeping on the plane that’s I haven’t used yet, a smart outlet, a water bottle that lets you infuse fruits in it, and an herb cutter. I get why she’s like that, she thinks that the right present or gadget can change your life. I think that way too. Here are a bunch of things I found by looking through many of Bustle’s “weird things/amazing products/trending products” lists. Now I want at least half of them. That always happens when I’m writing these posts.

Moldable glue to fix just about anything

How cool is this?! All I had to do was look at the photo on the box and I was sold. This is the “first mouldable glue that turns into rubber,” it lets you stick stuff anywhere, and it comes in different colors. People write that “it literally fixes everything,” that it’s especially good for fixing frayed electrical cords, and that it can fix cracked pieces on refrigerators, knife handles and other items. Plus it works as a sealant. There are different kits with tips for organizing, fixing tech products and crafting. Some reviewers warn that it dries out quickly and that you don’t get much for the price.

A cute round portable travel razor for touch ups on the go

Women rave about this little single blade travel razor in a round case that comes with its own soap and spray. This razor, called the Sphynx, is said to make “skin so soft and smooth” and to be perfect for shaving spots you missed in the shower. However some warn that it doesn’t work well on stubborn and coarse hairs and that you may want a backup razor if you’re traveling for a while.

A cereal bowl that lets you keep the milk on the side

Ok I do want this now even though my kid is old enough to fix his own cereal. This cleverly designed bowl, the Obol, stores the milk on one side and the cereal on the other so you can make it ahead of time, and put the cereal in the milk as you’re eating. It’s also good for storing soup on one side and croutons or a sandwich on the other. This would be great for slow eaters and for preparing cereal ahead of time for guests and children.

A 12 piece set of colorful stainless steel knives for just $23

Knives are something most people need but forget to buy as it’s easy enough to cut with dull knives and not realize how much better they can be. You just don’t know what you’re missing until you use a sharp knife and it’s so much easier. This is the #1 best selling knife set. People say they’re the best knives under $30, that they work and that the colors stay vibrant. Others warn that they’re not as good as ceramic knives. Here’s a set of ceramic knives to consider.

A cosmetic bag that lays flat to find anything quickly

How did I know know this existed before? It’s a cosmetic bag that folds up tight which you can lay out flat when you’re getting ready. That’s so clever! It comes in three colors, green, blue and pink, and has hundreds of five star reviews. Reviewers call it convenient, a space saver and easy to use. It also makes it easier to pack for a trip. Here’s a bag for toiletries that rolls up for easy packing.

A hair straightening brush that makes your hair look natural

This hair straightening brush is said to create results that have more volume than a flat iron with less damage. Women say it’s quick and easy to use and that it “doesn’t burn no matter how close you get it to your hair line.” It’s also called “magic” and a “miracle” that works on all types of hair. There are so many photos of women who used this brush and got gorgeous hair! I definitely want this now.

Gel to clean the crumbs and dust off your keyboard

My mom has also bought us little keyboard vacuums, I forgot about that! This sticky gel is said to be great for removing dust, hair and junk from keyboards and music equipment without leaving a smell. People say it really works and is great for detailing cars too.

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