Wendy Williams Is Using Her Talk Show Hiatus To ‘Fight For Her Health’ In Battle Against Graves&#8

Wishing for the very best for Wendy Williams!

As you know, the popular talk show host is in the middle of an indefinite hiatus from The Wendy Williams Show as she works to improve her health and battle against Graves’ disease.

Now, sources close to Williams herself are speaking up about how she’s spending her time working back to good health while her show is off the air.

A source told Us Weekly (below):

“She’s fighting to get back to a clean bill of health. The struggle of being the main centerpiece of the show, day in and out, while fighting Graves’ disease has been a real battle.”

We can only imagine how draining things must have gotten for Wendy, with needing to bring SO much energy every day to host a national TV show while battling a disease behind the scenes.

Now, as her battle turns personal, those same sources report that the 54-year-old will spend “significant time … in the hospital to focus on her personal and physical well-being.”

Williams has been battling Graves’ disease for years, according to show reps, but lately she’d been suffering from new and different complications, including bulging eyes, weakness, shakiness, and irritability.

The complications got to be such a challenge that rest, recovery, and some serious time away from TV and in the hospital became the only legit way to fight the disease and get it back under control.

Here’s hoping Wendy takes all the time she needs to get her health back on track! Sending good thoughts!!

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