Why Does Everyone Think Ozzy Osbourne Is on His Deathbed?

OzzyOsbourne had a challenging year. In 2019 he suffered several medicalsetbacks, canceled tour dates, and appeared to be confined to his home. Whilehis children and wife have been spotted around town, Ozzy himself was nowhere tobe seen for much of the year. That has led to a ton of speculation about The Princeof Darkness’ health, with several media outlets speculating that he is on hisdeathbed. Hisfamily has vehemently denied the claims, and Osbourne is still set to tour,eventually. So, how did the rumors get started?

Ozzy Osbourne has had a challenging year

Osbourne, 71, has been at his home recovering from a round ofpretty serious medical problems. In early 2019, Osbourne was diagnosed with pneumonia.He recovered from the illness just fine, but while on the mend, he took aspill. The fall, inside his Los Angeles Home, reportedly aggravated an oldinjury and required the Black Sabbath frontman to undergo neck surgery,according to TheIndependent. The recovery has been difficult, and Osbourne claimsdoctors suggest full recovery could take more than a year.

During 2019, he also developed blood clots in his legs. The bloodclots likely formed after spending so much time in bed. The famed singer was hospitalizedfor two months following the neck surgery. It looks like the wild rocker, knownfor his onstage antics, is finally feeling his age, and he has acknowledgedwhat a trying year it has been in a recent sitdown interview. During aninterview with RollingStone, Osbourne said, “It’s scary stuff … From 40 [years old] to 70 was OK andsuddenly you get to 70 and everything caved in on me.”

Ozzy andSharon spent Christmas apart

Osbourne’smedical issues may have started the rumors of his impending death, but therocker’s Christmas plans further fueled speculation. Osbourne and his wife,Sharon Osbourne, spent Christmas apart for the first time in 40 years. Thecouple, who marriedin July 1982, has always ensured they were together for the holidaysregardless of their schedules.

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This yearthough, Sharon had a work commitment in the United Kingdom, and Ozzy was advised,by his doctors, not to fly, so they were forced to spend their first Christmasapart. Ozzy’s inability to fly further fueled rumors that he was so ill that hedidn’t even know what was going on or what time of the year it was. The familyhas vehemently denied the claims.  Ozzydid share the holiday with his children and grandchildren, though and from thelooks of it was not confined to bed.

Is OzzyOsbourne on his deathbed?

While Ozzyhas had a pretty challenging year with his health,it appears as though he is on the mend. He was spotted out and about with hiswife on Jan. 3, and while he still has some progress to make before he takesthe stage once again, he appears to be far from his deathbed. In fact, theentire Osbourne family insists he is recovering beautifully from a string ofterrible luck.

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BothSharon and KellyOsbourne have addressed the claims, lambasting reports of Ozzy’s impendingdeath. Sharon used her show, TheTalk, to send the message to the world. Kelly, on the other hand, usedsocial media to share the truth with her followers.

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