Will Smith Is Probably Going To Play Serena And Venus Williams' Dad In A Movie

At first when I heard that Will Smith wasn’t returning for the sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad,I  figured it was because he was going to take a long break after starring in Aladdin and the next Bad Boys movie. Because honestly, who wouldn’t be tired after granting everyone’s wishes in circuit party Papa Smurf drag on one set then chasing bad guys in between thirty minute oxygen tank breaks on another? Not Will apparently, because now he’s ready for his next thespian challenge by taking on the role of Venus and Serena Williams’ father/coach Richard Williams in an upcoming movie titled King Richard.

According to Deadline Will must have been doing those other movies and thinking to himself “I’m not getting any nominations for this shit so I better find some better roles.” Enter Zach Baylin, King Richard scriptwriter who had Will specifically in mind for the role of Richard Williams. And I’m sure that Will is going to bring his A Game to this project because once you take a peek behind the magic of Venus and Serena you’ll discover the tale of a man who wanted the best for his daughters and would stop at nothing to get it! Oscar bait!

Despite having no tennis background, he overcame tremendous hardship, skepticism and his own troubled past to raise two of the game’s greatest players. When his daughters were around the age of four, Richard Williams drew up a 78-page plan for their professional tennis careers. He began giving them tennis lessons and the girls learned the game on cracked, weedy public courts in Compton, reportedly after their father brawled with young toughs who were not fans of the sport and would not make way. The Williams sisters went on to become two of the greatest female players in tennis history, with Serena arguably the best ever, with 23 Grand Slam tournament wins. Venus Williams has won seven Grand Slam titles.

This movie will have everything it needs to cut in front of the line during awards season. There will be drama, tragedy and ultimately triumph where we’ll be treated to Will’s go-to emotion of letting one lone tear drop slowly trickle out of his eye after the first epic win. I’m down for this movie as of right now. However, I will not cosign any of this if Will tries to make it a vehicle for his daughter Willow Smith by casting her in the roles of both Venus and Serena. To my knowledge there is no Oscar for Best Use of Nepotism. At least, not yet.

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