Would You Pay $50,000 To Go On a Date With Orlando Bloom?

It looks like Katy Perry wants Orlando Bloom all to herself. People reports that during a charity date auction that was part of the One Love Malibu Festival, Perry bid $50,000 to go on a date with her current boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, outbidding a fan who was dead set on getting some one-on-one motorcycle time with star

“You can do a motorcycle ride with him to a lunch destination to have lunch with Orlando freaking Bloom,” Perry said to the crowd as she emceed the bidding. It was all captured in a video posted by Instagram account @kpaddict. “That also means that when you are on the motorcycle with him you’re holding him in a way that I am not excited about.”

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Bidding was understandably heated. People notes that the number got up to  $20,000, especially when Perry mentioned Bloom’s chiseled pecs and abs, which would be fully accessible on any motorcycle ride, and his warm brown eyes. Obviously, she’s a little biased, but the love oozed from every word. Fans captured that moment, too.

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The $20,000 bidder was a woman identified only as Laura, but Perry wasn’t about to let her win. She threw down the gauntlet, more than doubling Laura’s offer.

“Laura, I’m sorry — I’m buying it for $50,000,” Perry said to the crowd.

The money’s all going to a good cause. The auction and concert were raising money to help the victims of the Malibu wildfires last month. Perry performed at the concert portion of the night’s festivities, doing her best to raise money in ways other than bidding on time with her beau. Bloom and Perry have been dating since 2016. They split in February 2017, but were back together by April of the same year. It looks like the fireworks are still strong, however, and Perry’s willing to pay the big bucks to keep them going. It was all for a good cause, after all.

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