After choc fans' outrage at first two days of Celebrations advent calendar, we reveal what's coming up (and it's not good news for Galaxy fans)

And there's more bad news on the horizon if you're a Galaxy fan – because you're in for a long wait.

Those with Celebrations advent calendars moaned Christmas was "ruined" after discovering a Bounty on Day 1 yesterday and were also up in arms after unwrapping a Snickers on Day 2 earlier today.

We've taken a peak behind all 24 doors to reveal what's to come, and you won't see a Galaxy until a week on Tuesday. That's quite a while to wait (unless you cave and buy a sharing box).

The first Galaxy appears on December 11, while you'll get your first Malteser the following day.

And Twix fans will be gutted too – as there's only two throughout the whole month.

We're afraid there's more disappointment on the way for Bounty and Snickers haters, as both of these chocolates come up four times throughout December.

The Mars bar and Milky Way, arguably the most boring treat of the bunch, also pop up four times.

By contrast, there's only two Twixes, two Galaxies, two Galaxy Caramels and three Maltesers.

But there is a double whammy on Christmas Eve, the final day of the Christmas countdown, when you'll get both a Galaxy and a Malteser – which were recently voted the nation's favourite treats.

What's to come in the Celebrations advent calendar?

Mars Inc recently polled chocolate lovers to find out which is our favourite treat – with YouGov surveying 2,045 Brits.

Maltesers topped the list, followed by Galaxy, then Galaxy Caramel and Twix.

While Mars was voted the worst choice, followed by Milky Way and Bounty.

In more festive news, the Stocking Stuffer position kicks off day two of our sex-y Christmas countdown.

While these are the most popular Christmas-themed baby names this year, including Noelle and Gabriel.

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