B&M selling a £5 doormat sensor which sings Christmas songs when you step on it & shoppers say it’s DEFINITELY essential

IF you're looking for a little Christmas cheer to brighten up these gloomy days in lockdown, B&M shoppers reckon they've found just the thing.

The popular purse-friendly store is selling a doormat sensor which plays Christmas songs when stepped on – and it'll be the best £5 you'll ever spend.

One eagle-eyed shopper alerted bargain hunters of the find by sharing it in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

Dubbing it "absolutely brilliant", her post has racked up thousands of comments from eager shoppers who say it's a must have this season.

B&M stores remain open during lockdown as it is considered essential, but shoppers are still advised to visit a store to pick up essential items only.

With that very rule in mind, many argue this festive doormat fits the description of what's considered "essential", with many vowing they'd pick one up on their next store visit.

  • Musical Christmas Doormat Sensor, £5 from B&M – buy here

"This is a must," one shopper raved.

While another shared: "I have this too – it’s an essential!."

And a third admitted: "I’ve got one of these had it since last year and love it. Don’t think the postman does tho ."

Many others tagged their friends and family members suggesting they pick one up.

For it to work, simply pop the sensor under the doormat so that it can play some festive tunes when guests arrive.

Although, considering we can't have house guests at the moment, it might be a little while before we can really make use of it.

In the meantime, the post man and kids will have to do.

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