Consultancy Veteran Julia Lang Launches VEERT With Aid From Miguel

As she explained to jeffstaple on Business of HYPE, Julia Lang is a busy women. Mentors like Kareem “Biggs” Burke and clients like Hubble Studio have helped Lang boost Julia Lang WORLDWIDE, her consultancy, but the Tanzanian/German creative’s latest venture is all her: enter genderless lifestyle imprint VEERT.

Already approved by famous friends like Miguel and Nas, Lang’s new imprint strays from her beloved fashion industry in that its debut offering bucks apparel in favor of genderless jewelry and home goods — though the door is never closed on future opportunities. VEERT’s debut offering ranges from intelligently crafted accessories to lush soaps, servicing the body and mind alike.

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Gold vermeil informs the introductory jewelry line of rings, necklaces and earrings, abetted by stones that heal the soul. Each 18-karat gold-plated piece features a thoughtful accent, like green onyx and malachite, intended to soothe; for instance, green onyx, a consistent throughout the collection, offers healing powers. Channeling the planet Mercury, it reportedly relieves worries, tension stress and fears, bolstering sensations of love, affection and friendship.

VEERT is launching a signature scent alongside the jewelry, dubbed “SERENGETI.” This fragrance informs a liquid soap and candle, the latter of which is informed by clean-burning coconut oil as a sustainable alternative to wax. Furthering these ethical aims, VEERT has committed 1% of its yearly gross sales to 1% For the Planet, a charity dedicated to working with FSC-certified vendors that use conscious packaging — like VEERT.1 of 62 of 63 of 64 of 65 of 66 of 6

“In a time when we’re being separated and isolated from each other, hope and inclusivity is needed now more than ever,” Lang told HYPEBEAST. “We don’t just want to give birth to another product. We want to be the catalyst of empowerment, healing energy, and unity.”

“Traditional gender separation won’t exist within our products and collections. We truly believe that VEERT is meant to bring us all together. All ages, ethnicities, geographic areas, and gender identities all tied together by an undeniable longing for tastefulness and positive self-expression. My desire was to create a line that empowers and comforts beyond gender. Focusing on healing and self-care, no matter what that looks like or identifies with.”

“I tend to gravitate to things that exude attention to detail and purpose,” Miguel told HYPEBEAST. “Knowing how much care was taken to create purposeful and inclusive offerings, makes VEERT easy to love.”

Shop the debut range on VEERT’s website.

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