Denim Tears Reimagines the Self Portrait With "Lips Portrait 2" Capsule

Tremaine Emory‘s Denim Tears returns with another selection of tonal sweats and graphic layering pieces. This time, Emory has envisioned a kind of self portrait suitably dubbed “Lips Portrait 2.”

The pinkish-red-tinged lineup makes use of the same Liberty Rock inspiration as Denim Tears’ Converse collaboration, drawing influence from the rock’s green, red and black hues for an illustrative rendering of a cartoonish mouth sticking out its tongue. Dice imagery graces the top teeth, further drawing from the Atlanta-born Emory’s memories of growing up in Queens, New York. Each item — washed out hoodies, shirts, sweatpants and a cap — features the motif, contrasting starkly against the warm-toned cotton base.

The “Lips Portrait 2” capsule is only available on Denim Tears’ website.

Most recently, Denim Tears joined in for this year’s Social Studies event.
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