Disney Food Blog creator makes a living out of eating at Walt Disney World

A CREATIVE blogger has managed to make a successful career out of combining her two favourite things – Disney and food.

AJ Wolfe, from Texas, is the brains behind the Disney Food Blog, which shares and reviews the extensive food options at the world-famous theme parks.

AJ launched her blog back in 2009 to share the foodie delights she found during her visits to Walt Disney World in Florida.

From Mickey-shaped cupcakes to purple churros and milkshakes themed on the popular characters, the food enthusiast is on hand to document it all.

Now her website gets millions of monthly readers and she has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, as well as numerous YouTube subscribers.

She even has staff based in California and manages to live off the blog full time, thanks to selling Disney food guides to fans.

Speaking to People, AJ said: “I remember thinking, ‘Will people read this? Is that going to be weird? Who would ever go read a site about Disney food?’

“Quickly we started to see Disney catch on and realise that food was a part of the destination.”

The Disney-obsessed blogger said that she’s even managed to make some magical food options go viral, thanks to her influence.

Ten years later, AJ has made the blog her full-time career, and in order to make sure her reviews are unbiased, she insists on paying for every single food item she consumes.

She said: “I keep a pretty low profile. I try to make sure that as many people at Disney don’t know who I am.”

Although she is based in Dallas with her five-year-old child and husband, she makes a trip to Orlando once a month to see the latest food options.

On her business trips she travels alone and schedules in four to five meals a day so she can try as many items as possible.

Her Disney days can last from 6am to 2am, but she insists that Disney hasn’t lost its magic for her yet.

She explained: “I started the blog because I love the parks. They just carry a real enchantment for me. I always like to build in time for myself to hang out in the parks and ride some rides. That’s part of the benefit of doing this as a job.”

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