Free birthing mum-of-eight films herself having twins in her living room – and she didn’t have any pain relief

A MUM-of-eight has revealed how she chose to deliver her twins in her family lounge, with no medical assistance or pain relief – and even filming the entire birth to put online.

Sarah Schmid, 38, who currently lives in France, has chosen to deliver all eight of her children at home. 

Seven of her kids were 'free-birthed' meaning she had no medical assistance throughout pregnancy or delivery.

Sarah gave birth to her twins standing in her living room – as her other children played around her between pushes.

Sarah, who trained to be a doctor but opted to become a stay-at-home mum, has had seven of her children everywhere from a Swedish forest, to her back garden and her living room.

And despite the risks that come with a multiple pregnancy, she again chose to deliver the twins, Samuel and Sarah, now 10 months old, naturally at home.

Since she began her free birthing journey, Sarah has opted to film each of the births and has built up a YouTube following of over 40,000.

Sarah along with husband Tim, 43, are also parents to Johanna, 13, Jonathan, 11, Emanuel, nine, Elisabeth, seven, Konstantin, five, and Kiran, three.

Sarah said: "I was surprisingly fearless with the twins.


Free birth is where the expectant mother chooses to have their baby in a location of their choice, without the help of modern medicine or any pain relief.

For Sarah, this meant having each of her six children either in the family home or outside in the garden or in a Swedish forest.

"The birth itself only took about five hours and my husband caught both twins, Samuel and Sarah.

"I had a photographer and a friend in the room too, with the other kids able to come in and watch if they wanted for some of it.

"I had no fear – I prepared thoroughly for a twin birth, and I felt like it was an adventure into unknown territory.

"I paid more attention to everything, did more research and talked to midwives, more than I would have done with a singleton."

Sarah hopes that by sharing her experiences of birth, it will take away the fear for other women and instead empower mothers.

Choosing to have her births in obscure locations, Sarah claims it became an experience that brought her closer to nature and made her relax.

Yet she accepts that she has received a fair share of criticism, as some believe it is irresponsible, and could result in death.

Sarah added: "I would like to educate women, so that more will choose their mode of birth not based on fears and feelings of inferiority but based on trust, knowledge and intuition.

"I feel like the media promotes birth as a medical emergency where doctors are saving a baby from a screaming mother.

"I wanted to show that birth can be a joyous, peaceful event in the family.

"Pain itself wasn't really an issue – if anything the twins were my easiest birth, most likely because their heads were smaller."

Sarah has written a book, Freebirth – Self-Directed Pregnancy and Birth, about how to have a self-assisted pregnancy.

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