Harry Styles’ "Watermelon Sugar" Music Video Outfits May Have Cleared My Skin

To release a music video dedicated to "touching," in which several beautiful people roll around on the beach kissing, caressing, and eating watermelon — during a time in the world where no one is supposed to touch — is just plain cruel. But undeniably evil is to do exactly that while wearing the best outfits I’ve ever seen. Seriously, seeing Harry Styles’ "Watermelon Sugar" music video outfits may have cleared my skin, but the FOMO it gave me for lovingly caressing someone on the beach as the sun shines down on you nearly knocked me TF out. I would like to personal thank Styles and his stylist, Harry Lambert, and I also demand an apology.

The video opens with Styles, plated watermelon slice in hand, taking a seat at a set table on the beach. He wears high-waisted brown trousers, paired with an orange crocheted top with lime-green trim and flower-shaped blue sunglasses. Not an outfit I’d ever expert anyone to wear on the beach, and suddenly, I’m mad that I have never seen anyone wear such an outfit on the beach. Worse, I’m fuming at myself for not ever wearing that exact outfit on the beach.

As a lover of boldly printed button-downs and also sweater vests, Styles’ next look felt like a personal attack. (I say this lovingly.) Bright red trousers? A red, blue, and mustard yellow printed shirt? A diamond patterned sweater vest styled on top? Not a drop of sweat in sight? Not to get factual or anything, but Harry Styles invented fashion, and this outfit is proof.

Moving from the sand to a nearby grassy patch, Styles and the rest of the cast pose for a class photo (Touching 101?). Before this moment, I never knew just how much of an impact Styles wearing a cropped sweater would have on my life, but here we are. Naturally, the full assemble is all Gucci, specifically the brand’s eco-denim pants; a purple-, green- and pink-striped crewneck sweater; and a small floral scarf. What more is there to say other than we stan a crop top king!!!!

In what I’m interpreting as a special parting gift, Styles’ final "Watermelon Sugar" outfit is an entirely yellow look for no reason other than he is the sun personified, I guess. The floral button-down shirt boasts another bold ’70s print, and his itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow shorts are, simply, everything.

Am I longing for human touch moreso now than before I watched "Watermelon Sugar"? Yes. Did this video, and the outfits in it, feel like the next best thing? Also yes. See for yourself in the video above.

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