Here's What You Need to Do to Win Amazon's Daily Giveaways on Prime Day

Prime Day starts at 3am on Monday, July 15 and runs through Tuesday, July 16. If you’re not already a Prime member, sign up and take advantage of Amazon’s 30-day free Prime trial. There are a ton of surprise deals and savings to be found, and you don’t want to miss out. We’ll be following Prime Day closely, so keep checking back throughout the sale for more updates!

If your mind says “hell yeah” to Prime Day but your wallet is a little more “please stop,” don’t worry—you can get stuff for! Free! Amazon does daily giveaways throughout the year and really steps it up on Prime Day. The point is to introduce customers to exciting products, meaning you potentially can win a bunch of cool new stuff without spending a penny. (I know, right?!)

Okay, so what can I get?

From cat houses to hearing aids, Amazon truly has something for everyone. Here, a few of the best giveaways on offer:

How do I enter?

What if I don’t win?

Sadly, we can’t always be winners—but on the bright side, even just entering often gets you a discount for the product.

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