Home Alone today: Get a sneak peek into the interior of the house that made for Christmas movie gold

Well brace yourselves festive fans because it turns out the stunning mansion Kevin McCallister called home is actually a real house in Illinois… and it looks totally unrecognisable now.

The classic 1990 Christmas film Home Alone followed Kevin McCallister – played by child star Macaulay Culkin – as he went to hilarious extremes to protect his family's beautiful suburban property from burglars.

After being accidentally left to fend for himself by his parents, the creative youngster set an assortment of incredible traps throughout the multi-million dollar Georgian mansion.

From a scathing hot door handle to booby-trapping the steps with ice, let's just say the McCallister's beautiful home was pretty much a character in its own right.

According to Hooked on Houses, the Illinois mansion went on the market for £1.9m back in 2011 – so here's what the festive McCallister home looks like now…

The stairs

The site of one of Kevin's greatest pranks, the McCallister hallway was the grandest part of the house.

Before Kevin executed his perfectly timed paint bucket prank, the festive steps had crimson carpet running up the hallway while the walls were decorated in Christmassy green and red wallpaper.

Nowadays, the grand hallway has a much more minimal aesthetic.

Before putting it on the market, the owners swapped that distinctive crimson carpet with a more muted shade of blue and painted the walls in a chic shade of grey.

The Kitchen

Meanwhile, the McCallister's kitchen has had a total overhaul since the 1990 movie first hit screens.

While the mansion had a festive red and green colour scheme running throughout the house, the kitchen now has plain white cupboards over the McCallister's dark wooden surfaces.

Although in a subtle nod to the classic Christmas film, the walls have been decorated with similar blue tiles from the 1990 movie.

The dining room

Let's be honest, everything about the McCallister home was a little on the OTT side.

But while the owners of the Illinois house have certainly toned down their choice of wallpaper, this lavish dining room looks equally as regal as the 1990 film… if only a little less festive.

The office

Apart from managing to forget their child at home, one thing that always baffled us about Kevin's parents is how we never actually knew what they did for a living.

But judging by the size of Kevin's dad's office (not the mention the multi-million dollar property), we're going to say he wasn't doing too bad for himself.

These days the office has a piano in the place of some of the McCallister's Christmas decorations and the entire room has been painted a cool shade of grey.

Parents Bedroom

Like any child left alone, one of the first things Kevin did was make himself at home in his parent's bedroom.

We were always super jealous of the four poster bed and flat-screen television growing up.

But fans will be delighted to know the mansion's master suite has kept its four poster bed all these years later.

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