I call myself the catfish queen… my transformation is so good people think I’m Gwen Stefani after I’ve put make-up on

MAKE-UP can make us feel more confident and attractive even on our most insecure days.

And one woman has proved the power of cosmetics by showcasing her incredible transformation in a video on her TikTok page.

The self-proclaimed "catfish queen" started the clip with a make-up free appearance, displaying her blemishes and un-styled hair.

"What do you do on those days where you don't feel as confident or fearless as powerful?" a voiceover asked while her make-up free facade was shown.

The camera then flashed to the woman, who posts under the account MUAWK, having completely transformed herself – with colourful eyeshadow, berry lipstick and perfectly coiffed curls.

"Pretend!" the voiceover continued, as the woman lip synced along. "It's either that or cry myself to sleep… who wants to do that?"

The video has already attracted more than two million likes, with fans taking to the comments section to praise the young blonde for her glow up.

"You look exactly like Gwen Stefani!" one person wrote.

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"Anyone ever tell you you look like Gwen Stefani?" someone else asked, to which MUAWK replied, "Yes hahaha."

"WOW, YESSSSS!" someone else commented, while another wrote: "Girl! The power of your make-up is f**king genius! Still beautiful without it too."

Several men commenting on the post suggested that transformations such as hers made them distrustful of women in general.

"This is why you go swimming on the first date," one wrote, while another added: "Guys always wipe her face with a baby wipe before anything else…" 

"This is should be illegal," a third commented.

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