I worked in Primark – people handed me their dirty underwear in the changing room & one worker was given poo in a bag

A GIRL who used to work at Primark is spilling all on what it was really like working for the bargain store.

And she's revealed the grim things customers would get up to while shopping, like boldly handing over their own clothes when they left the fitting room – including their dirty underwear.

TikTok user @kdr1995 shared her experience in a video she shared online and revealed that some customers would leave wearing new items they had picked up on the shop floor.

They'd cheekily swap out their old clothes for the new ones in the fitting rooms, leaving their old outfit with the shop assistants and pretending it was the items they didn't want.

Rolling her eyes in her video, she recalled: "When people handed in their own clothes to the fitting room and left wearing new ones from Primark when I worked there."

The girl added the caption: "Bonus point when it was their underwear #primark."

When one person commented: "Actually cried laughing when I saw the underwear bit," the girl replied: "True story."

Her post prompted fellow former Primark workers to share their own horror stories, with one person revealing: "Me when I worked in Primark and a toddler p****d on the floor 3 minutes before the end of my shift."

Another person shared: "Someone pooped in a bag on my shift and left it there."

A third person joked: "15 year old me thought I was slick wearing old black jeans in and new black jeans out."

It's not the first time ex-Primark staff have been spilling secrets from the shop floor, with one woman recalling the time she may have helped a customer buy £400 worth of items with a stolen credit card.


She explained: "A woman came up to me with three massive full baskets.

"She put all the baskets on the desk and she said to me, 'I've got all this shopping but I've forgotten the pin number to my card, so can you just let me know when it reaches £30 each time and I'll pay with contactless until all the shopping's paid for?'

"Overall her shopping came to about £400 and it wasn't until afterwards that I realised I shouldn't have done that."

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