Karl Lagerfeld & Margot Robbie Open Up About Their Beloved Pets

HARPER’S BAZAAR: How did you choose your pet’s name?

MARGOT ROBBIE: To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books, and all the characters have such fantastic names.

KARL LAGERFELD: It was not my choice. She was born in a year when all the cats of her breed had to start with “C.”I got her with this, at first view, horrible name. Now I love it!

HB: What do you and your dog have in common, and what about your personalities is different?

MR: We both like rosé and are grumpy in the mornings. Boo is utterly disinterested in food.

KL: As a human being, Choupette is better than me.

HB: How did you come to adopt your pet?

MR: I searched Web sites that list puppies at animal shelters, and came across Boo and completely fell in love.

KL: Choupette belonged to a friend who had gotten her asa gift when she was three months old. This friend had to leave for a trip, and he asked one of my maids if she could keep Choupette during the time he was away. When he came back I told him that I was very sorry, but Choupette would stay with me.

HB: What do you think is the difference between cats and dogs, and between cat people and dog people?

MR: I’ve often thought that it’s about how you like to beloved. If you like dogs, you like big displays of outward devotion. Cats are like a sly, flirty grin across a bar.

KL: Dogs are easily very nice with everyone. Cats are not.You feel when a cat is affectionate that it is a choice; she likes you. Dogs have the tendency to love everybody.

This article originally appears in the December ’18/January ’19 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR, available on newsstands now.

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