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EVERY Sunday, our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King will be revealing what surprises, challenges and excitement awaits you in the week ahead.

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here's her predictions for YOUR star sign…

ARIES (Three of Coins, Four of Coins, Queen of Coins)

Money on your mind
A trio of Coins cards means that you’ve got your money and financial sitch on your mind- not necessarily in a BAD way, either.

The Queen hints that you’re actually making headway, and there’s room for improvement, but it comes from a position of control and confidence (vs despair!).

So, what can you do? Well, the Four of Coins asks you to identify habits or attitudes which are out-dated or no longer serve you.

Look at your saving and spending- where are things not working or paying back? Resolve to make changes there.

Then, the Three of Coins reveals there are opportunities around you to progress and make MORE money.

It comes via getting a break, or a leg-up, from someone in your vicinity who’s noticed your efforts and is ready to give you an offer / raise / promotion / extra responsibility. Look to your network, and to those with influence. Go get what you deserve!

TAURUS (Queen of Cups, Two of Wands, Page of Wands)

You’re feeling more reckless than usual this week, Taurus, and it’s kinda’ nice to see! The Two and Page of Wands reveal you’re willing to move to a more “trial’n’error” approach.

The pressure of striving to make everything perfect or “right first time” is tiring and you’re ready to let yourself off the hook, and just, well, see what happens.

If a decision doesn’t pan out as you hoped, all you do is make another one and make a new move.

Nothing ever stays the same, and you can change whatever you wish to, so there’s no pressure for everything you do to be the “be all and end all”.

The Queen of Cups reveals this comes from a deep-seated emotional need to be kinder to yourself, and not set such exacting standards about everything.

No one is perfect, we’re all flawed, and holding yourself (and others) to this high level of expectation sets you up for a fall.

Chill. You’re going to enjoy this new mindset.

GEMINI (Nine of Swords, Two of Coins, Ten of Cups)

You’ve been fretting and overthinking and that is NOT a great place for a cerebral, nervous Gemmy to be in!

The Nine of Swords shows that you’ve been bottling something up and, inside, it only gets bigger and out of proportion.

Talk this through with someone you trust ASAP, and exorcise its unwanted and unnecessary hold over your psyche.
And then… it’s time to go play! The Two of Coins and Ten of Cups combine to recommend a prescription of “fun” for the week ahead.

You deserve a mental vacation from your stress, and by distracting yourself with a wide variety of social engagements, new places, fun pursuits and revelry you’ll soon revive your spirits and be ready to get back in the “Game of Life”, firing on all cylinders.

CANCER (Ace of Wands, The Sun, Ten of Swords)

It’s a dual-purpose kind of week, Cancer, in that you have two important jobs to do, and they both matter equally if you’re to achieve your end result- which is represented by the prosperous, joyful and successful card The Sun.

If you achieve both purposes, you’ll receive a wonderful reward!
Job number one is revealed by the Ace of Wands. Start what you’ve been meaning to begin.

You once had a taste of something which felt authentically ‘you’- this could be a hobby, a relationship, a new role, a job, a side line venture… identify it and make an overt move in its direction right now.

Job number two is revealed by the Ten of Swords. Put a final and decisive STOP to something in your life which has been, lately, nothing but trouble and stress. It’s not going to improve and it’s taking up valuable headspace and energy. Get rid.

OK, done that? Now wait for the magical recognition and rewards the Universe is ready to bring to you… Enjoy! 

LEO (Six of Wands, The Emperor, King of Wands)

If ever a trio of cards lined to up together to advise: ”take a risk!” then it’s these three.

The Emperor asks you to take charge here, to follow your ambitions, to be 100% in control of what you do and don’t listen to anyone else (what’s new, eh?).

The King of Wands is a big chancer, a bold adventurer and a risk-taker, so this is the mood you need to get into this week.

Don’t play it safe, don’t hedge your bets, don’t stall… go for it, be bold, throw the dice and make the big play!

You know what, sometimes you have to throw things up in the air to see what happens, to change the energy and release new opportunities, and get ahead.

If it doesn’t work… well, then you just wait for another chance and make another move.

The Six of Wands, however, hints that this play will pay back. It’s the tarot’s “high 5” card, congratulating you for being exactly where you’re meant to be, and for just being you.

Follow your instincts and invest in a high-stakes game. It can pay off.

VIRGO (Knight of Coins, Justice, Five of Cups)

I want you to know that you WERE RIGHT (music to the Virgo ears) and that you’re going to be vindicated and justified in your stance. HOORAY.

The Knight of Coins shows you’ve been holding a firm line about something, and felt a little challenged or under attack from all sides about this. You didn’t doubt yourself, though, and you were right not to.

Justice sweeps in and ensures the issue is resolved in your favour and others can finally see why you so doggedly held on to your point of view.

This SHOULD all feel marvellous but the Five of Cups reveals it has you reflecting a little morbidly over ALL that has happened regarding this matter i.e. who said what, how you felt, what they did (or didn’t do).

Virgo, let it all go. No one is perfect and you have no responsibility for others’ actions. They did what they felt was right. Chalk this one up, and move on fast.

LIBRA (Eight of Swords, Ten of Coins, Two of Cups)

Your love life could literally take off this week, if only you’d let it! Ruled by Venus, you’re no stranger to romantic conquests and you typically prioritise your relationships above all else… but the Eight of Swords shows that you’ve gotten into a rut about something.

Maybe a self-limiting belief, a grudge, a bad habit… something which you yourself are creating and is preventing your love life from being as happy and blissful as it should be.

The Ten of Coins asks you to look at the big picture, the long-term, and put aside anything you feel could be a harm or threat to that vision.

If you don’t think it will matter in two years’ time, why worry too much about it. If it’s something from the past, well, leave it there!

The Two of Cups reassures that things CAN, and will, get back on a loving track. Get out of your own way, the quicker you do the better!

SCORPIO (Ten of Wands, Five of Wands, The Sun)

You’ve over-burdened yourself, with the workaholic / over-thinker Ten of Wands, and it’s making you grouchy AF, as shown by the irritable Five of Wands.

Scorpio, you can be scary on a bad day!

Please resume “normal service” by auditing what’s on your plate and moving some of it OFF.

This primarily involves ditching, delegating and delaying anything which isn’t important or urgent, or that you alone can tackle.

Make some room, take a load off, give yourself more headspace and breathe easier / deeper.

The Sun shows that you’re so close to finding the right balance for you right now, and igniting a happy phase of contentment and progress.

This recent overwhelming chapter serves the purpose of getting you to stop taking so much on, and over-estimating the actual feasible time and energy you have.

Be realistic about your capacity, zoom in on stuff that feels inspiring or important, and you will be 100% happier. Fast!

SAGITTARIUS (Six of Swords, Ace of Swords, Three of Wands)

Truth comes naturally and easily to you- maybe TOO easily sometimes, in that once it’s in your head it’s out your mouth within nanoseconds!

Oh well, we (kinda’) love you for that brutal honesty, Sagittarius.

The Ace of Swords asks you to be that honest with yourself this week, and let the insights guide you on.

You’re going to want to draw something to a close and finally move on beyond it, as shown by the future-facing Six of Swords.

You’re ready to make a leap, and you don’t really need to do any more thinking, planning or procrastinating… just jump!

The Three of Wands asks you to keep your eyes wide open as you make the leap because new landscape = new opportunity.

When the scene changes, so does the energy, and this means there’s all sorts of new shenanigans for you to get involved with. Be honest with yourself about this next leap, do it, and reap the rewards!

CAPRICORN (The Empress, The Moon, Knight of Wands)

You’re worrying about your family, as shown by the powerful combination of The Empress and The Moon.

You take a LOT of responsibility for your loved ones, you’re definitely the “rock” of your family circle and sometimes their woes and stress can weigh heavily upon you (it’d be easier, sometimes, if you could get inside them and live their lives for them actually… you know what they should do, but they don’t do it!).

There’s more to this situation than you know, so don’t be tempted to weigh in too quickly / harshly.

The Knight of Wands shows you’ll get involved and have an opinion, and change the energy, BUT don’t jump in TOO fast.

This isn’t the “same old, same old”.

The Moon is a card about secrets and mystery, there’s more information and insight to come to light and you’d be barking up the wrong tree without it.

So, note the situation, put a pin in it, see what unfolds… THEN get stuck in and help them (with lots of love).

AQUARIUS (King of Coins, Queen of Coins, Page of Cups)

A trio of “people cards” this week, Aquarius, so it’s all about the important people in your life and your dynamics with them.

The King and Queen of Coins hint at a parental story, and the Page of Cups something to do with a child or younger sibling / cousin perhaps.

Where do you fit in, in the “pecking order” of your family structure? What role do you tend to perform?

Where are there tensions or unspoken resentments regarding the bonds and obligations between family members?

We tend to take all this stuff for granted, carry on as we always have, and then things like Christmas come around, we herd together and everything blows up!

You’re a grown-up now. You do have control over what role you play, and how you make others in your family feel, and what you tell them you expect from them too.

Examine these inter-connections this week, and consider what little tweaks or changes you’d like to try and make this autumn.

You can use your powerful influence for good here. For healing, renewal and bonding. Strengthen those blood ties.

PISCES (Five of Cups, Page of Coins, Two of Coins)

There’s a duality within all Pisceans, an internal “pull” in two opposing directions: sink or swim.

At any one time, either option wins out and hold sway, but it’s an ongoing balancing act.

You need to make your own decision this week about which direction to pull in, once again.

The Two of Coins shows that you have divided feelings about what to do for the best, and actually you’d quite like to pull the duvet over your head and hide out until it’s all over…

The Five of Cups shows you COULD do that, using the past or something someone did to hurt you as an excuse for not taking action or standing up for yourself now.

The Page of Coins shows you could also turn and face the music and take small steps each day, this week, to walk the walk and pass through the challenge. You CAN do it, you know.

What will you do? Be brave, my friend.

If you feel fear, know that we ALL do, every day, and that there’s nothing you can’t handle. The fear is the worst bit.

Once you get moving, the anxiety fades, as you get distracted and involved in dealing with what’s on your plate.

You can do this.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at

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