Meghan accused of hypocrisy after saying people shouldn’t be ‘ranked’ during feminist chat – while using Duchess title

MEGHAN Markle has been accused of hypocrisy after claiming that “all people should be linked not ranked” while continuing to use her Duchess title.

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, met with Gloria Steinem for a garden chat about women's rights.

It was here that Meghan revealed her love of the phrase, admitting that she even wears it on a bracelet.

However, Twitter users were quick to dub the mum-of-one a “hypocrite”, pointing our that “Duchess is a rank.”

One tweeted: “‘Duchess‘ is a rank. Why not go by Meghan Markle or Mountbatten-Windsor? Or even just Meghan?

“Her name-recognition is stratospheric. The title goes against all left-wing principles as a symbol of aristocracy and against being ‘linked not ranked’. I don’t get it.”

Another tweeted: “The Duchess of Sussex (never forget her title) wants you to know women are not ranked.”

A third pointed out: “In this case, Meghan's rank is Duchess. Using it while talking about how women should be linked & not ranked is pure hypocrisy.

“Let's not forget her rank is the only reason she has the platform she has. Pointing this out is not "hate", it's a fact.”

“It says something like 'women should be linked, and not ranked'- and then she is introduced as Meghan, the Dutchess of Sussex?!?! It is ok when she ranks herself higher than everyone in the room, than rank and title is more than welcome..” added another.

The pair chatted about feminism in the candid interview, published in Yahoo, as the former actress praised Gloria for “everything you’ve accomplished”.

During the chat Gloria referred to Native American culture in which “women are equal”, citing her famous quote “imagine if we were linked not ranked.”

Meg pointed out that she had that exact quote on her $48 (£36) bracelets that had been designed by Gloria to raise money for

The Duchess gushed: “It means everything to me on every level; we are linked not ranked.”

Gloria responded: “And I thank you for understanding that rank is less important than being linked. That's a big thing.”

Meghan appeared starstruck by the activist, as she said: "People forget how hard women like you and so many others have fought for us just to be where we are right now."

The two women said socially distanced in wooden chairs in a garden, believed to be Meghan’s, as her two dogs, Guy, a beagle, and Pula, black lab, wandered into the frame.

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