Michelle Obama’s Stylist Meredith Koop Drops Second When We All Vote Collection

As the election season reigns supreme, the eclectic merchandise that usually comes during this political cycle has made its way into many households. Fresh off the political debate that took place earlier this week, now more than ever, labels are releasing wardrobe selects to encourage any and everyone to go out get to the polls come election day.

Back with its second drop, is Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote merch collection, spearheaded by her stylist Merdith Koop. “It’s critical that we continue to engage voters in creative ways to encourage them to get registered and vote early,” Obama tells ESSENCE in a statement. “In our mission to change the culture around voting, this project helps inspire new conversations around voting and making your voice heard, especially among young people.” 

The collection features a young  group of Black creatives showing off pieces that include hoodies, jean jackets, gold hoops and includes a few home good items like mugs and candles. Each product including encouraging message like “The power of the people is greater than the people in power,” which reads on the back of a nude matching sweatsuit.

“My hope is that people are inspired and motivated to vote this year—and that the Vote 4EVER Merch line can help everyone feel connected to something bigger than themselves,” concluded the former first lady. 

Shop the second When We All vote collection at store.whenweallvote.org. Here are a few things we already have in our shopping cart.

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