Money-saving queen shares five easy ways YOU can make extra cash during lockdown with virtually no effort

WANT to make some extra cash this second lockdown?

“Coupon Queen” Holly Smith, who is the creator of the Extreme Couponing site, has revealed her top five easy money-making tips during the pandemic. 

Holly, who dropped out of school at the age of 14, went on to become a money saving expert, using coupons to pay for the supermarket shop and stretching every last penny.

Holly has now turned her hobby into a full-time job, sharing money saving tips with other bargain hunters on her website.

Speaking to Fabulous, she shared how these tips can help top up your funds if your work has been affected by lockdown, or provide some extra cash ahead of Christmas…

1. Earn rewards for exercising

Sweatcoin is an app where you can earn points for exercising! 

You get one point for every 1,000 steps you take.

When you have enough points you can  exchange them for rewards such as Amazon vouchers. 

2. Snap happy

Another way to earn money during your daily exercise is by taking photos of your local area, such as landmarks. 

Upload them to websites as Shutterstock, which sell photos.  

The media are always on the hunt for recent photos of local landmarks for regional news stories (especially if it’s a story they want to cover quickly and don’t have access to a photographer instantly!)

Holly said: “In my village near Great Yarmouth over three million pounds of cocaine washed up on our local beach and it hit national news.

“Someone from my local area uploaded a photo of the beach (he took a few years prior) and that was the photo the press ran the story with! 

“He made £100’s from that ONE photo!

"So why not make it a mission to take three to five photographs during your daily exercise and upload them to photo selling websites?”

3. Writing content

Earn money for rewriting content for a website, blog or even transcribing dictation into text, for sites such as HireWriters.  

The more you write the more you earn. 

With some writers making between $30 (£22.82) – $40 (£30.43) per article (which is converted to GBP when cashed out via Paypal).  

Easy to do from the comfort of your sofa!  

4. Lost bank accounts

Take the time to check if you have a ‘Lost Bank Account’.

It is believed that there is over £15 billion that exists in accounts and investments that people have forgotten about over time. 

The process of reclaiming this money is not that difficult.

Holly said: “It is certainly worth spending ten  minutes or so to try and find out whether you have one of these accounts using My Lost Account, a free service which helps you trace forgotten bank accounts.  

“You can even use My Lost Account to trace lost accounts from deceased relatives. 

“More information about ‘Lost Bank Accounts’ can be found in my blog post here.”

5. Completing surveys

Not all survey websites are spammy. A firm favourite with money savers is YouGov. 

YouGov carry out surveys on current affairs and the results of these surveys are often quoted in the media.

The answers that you give when answering a survey will always remain anonymous.

You are paid automatically by YouGov when you reach the payment threshold of £50. 

The payment will go into your bank account. 

It can take some time to reach this amount, but the site remains one of the highest paying for the  surveys that you complete. 

Holly, who also has the Coupon Queen website, is releasing her first money saving book on November 19 and it is currently available to pre-order. 

We previously shared how Holly is now mortgage-free at 35 thanks to her savvy spending – and she once did a £1.2k supermarket shop JUST with coupons.

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