Most ‘savage’ wedding bouquet toss EVER sees ‘cringey’ guest snatch flowers out of another girl’s hands

AFTER stuffing your face with cake and cutting some shapes on the dancefloor, our next favourite thing about wedding receptions is tryingour luck at the bouquet toss.

And while we're not convinced the lucky person who catches it will be the next down the aisle, there's no denying that they get to go home with a beautiful bouquet.

But for some people, this heartwarming wedding tradition is something worth fighting for.

Don't believe us? Then just wait until you see this clip of the most "savage" bouquet toss EVER after a guest snatched the flowers out of another woman's hands.

In the viral clip, the bride is standing in front of 11 of her female guests when she throws her bouquet of roses and eucalyptus over her head.

Unsurprisingly, the guest standing at the front was the first to catch the flowers.

That is, until another woman came out from behind her and grabbed the bouquet.

For a split second, the two women are clinging onto the flowers – until the first guest (and rightful winner) decided not to make a scene.

After this, the second woman holds the bouquet up in the air and points at her boyfriend as the other guests sheepishly laugh at her victory.

Sharing the video online, one user wrote: "Witnessed the most savage bouquet toss I have ever seen yesterday."

Needless to say, other members on the forum were horrified by the woman's behaviour.

One replied: "That little dance she did at the end, only made it worse."

Another added: "Everyone there just had a internal yikes moment."

A third wrote: "The girl who caught it first was wise to just let it go and let the crazy lady have it lol."

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