Mum horrified after her toddler twins ‘clean’ the house with wet wipes soaked in pee

A MUM has revealed how she was horrified when her twin sons "helped" her clean the house by using wet wipes soaked in their own wee.

Taking to a Mrs Hinch fan group on Facebook, she explained her two boys had been cleaning the windows, sofa and even the table with the wipes, before she realised what they had been using as their "water bucket".

"Want a funny/disgusting story?" She wrote.

"I'll tell you one. Yesterday I cleaned all the windows in my house.

"Today, [the boys] really wanted to help mummy finish cleaning the windows.

"So while alone in the living room, [they] decided to start cleaning the window with [their] wet wipes.

"Then they looked around and thought, that sofa and table need cleaning too.

"So I walk into the living room and think, 'aw, so cute helping me clean'.

"Then suddenly, to my horror I realise what they had been using as their 'water' bucket. A potty filled with wee.

"Yup, that's right. They had been dipping wet wipes into the potty then 'cleaning' the window, sofas, table and toy box."

Alongside the post, the mum – who runs her own home fragrance company – shared an image of the scene, with wee-soaked wet wipes strewn across the window sill and still remaining in the potty.

And other mums thought it was hilarious, with several sharing similar stories of their own kids.

"The amount of times my two-year-old has done this… he also wiped his sister down with a wet wipe then I realised he had wee on it," revealed one.

Another said: "Bless them thinking they were helping.

"You'll have to laugh or you'll cry."

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