Mum-of-three reveals cleaning hack to get microwaves sparkling using a lemon

A MUM-of-three has revealed her easy trick for cleaning the microwave and keeping it smelling fresh – and all you need is some water and a LEMON.

If you're sick of scrubbing away with harsh chemicals to remove the stains from inside the microwave, this fruity tip could be the answer to your prayers.

"Just a little microwave cleaning hack I picked up way back when I was cleaning other people's houses for a living," the Australian woman wrote on Facebook.

Next to the easy instructions, the parent posted before and after pictures of the inside of the cooker – looking sparkling clean after using the lemon trick.

The mum continued: "You need half a lemon and 1/4 cup of water in a bowl. Microwave it on high for five minutes and then wipe clean. It also leaves it smelling fresh."

She revealed that the simple lemon and water combination shifts food residue and build up without the need for hard scrubbing or chemicals.

And it seems the method has been tried and tested by other mums who have also shared how well the simple trick has worked for them, and some first-time triers wrote how they will now be using it.

"I always do this," said one woman in response to the post. "I usually forget the water by accident but even then it still works a treat."

Another  vowed to try it: "Chemicals always leave my microwave smelling gross so I will give this trick a try."

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