Mum says she’s SO close to her daughter she joins her on dates, shares her bath water and even sleeps with her on new TLC show Smothered – The Sun

A MUM has admitted to being so close to her daughter she shares her bath water, joins her on dates and sleeps next to her.

Sunhe, 51, and 31-year-old Angelica – from Las Vegas, Nevada – give us an insight into their unusual relationship on new TLC show Smothered.

On the programme, Sunhe explains: "The way I feel about my daughter… she is the very essence of who I am as a mother. She's just a precious little diamond to me.

"When I first saw Angelica, she looked like an angel. I said: 'She is going to be my everything.' I had to be the strong one for my daughter because she had no father.

"My first husband, Angelica's father, he hasn't been in our lives since she was six-months-old.

"I had to step up in the absence of him not being in her life. I had to be her father, as well as her mother, her sister, her friend."

Sunhe continues: "She is the love of my life. If I could find a man version of Angelica, I would marry them in a heartbeat.

"I do have a fiancé, Brett. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska. I am satisfied with the long distance.

"I like living with Angelica, and I don't want to leave her. Ever."

Angelica adds: "I couldn't picture my life without her.

"I don't where I'd be, or who I'd be as a person if it wasn't for her.

"We've always lived together, I have never lived with anybody else."

The duo certainly making the most of living together, sleeping in the same bed and using the same bath water.

Angelica explains: "If the water is still hot, we will share the bath water. She'll take a quick bath, then I'll go right after her.

"She always goes first and I know it makes her happy."

Sunhe says: "When she goes into my bath water after I've bathed, it shows much trust and a bond that is unexplainable. It's amazing."

At bedtime, Sunhe says: "I'm the little spoon and she's the big spoon."

However, things can get a little awkward when it comes to Angelica's relationship with her boyfriend Jason.

Angelica explains: "We've been together for almost two years. We're very, very compatible, he gets me 100 per cent.

"He understands the need that I have for my mum, that she needs to be there. So he'll include her in our dates.

"So she's riding in the back while we're in the front. And we tow her along.

"My mum is always first and Jason knows that. I do make it a point to say: 'Hey, I wanna see Jason.' He knows my mum can be pretty demanding."

Sunhe adds: "The waiting period when Angelica is out on a date with Jason is really hard.

"I do feel lost when she's not here. Like my other half is definitely missing."

When Jason suggests he and Angelica move in together, Angelica admits: "I'm very scared with moving forward with Jason.

"I have to tell my mum and I'm really nervous, I'm kind of afraid what her reaction's going to be."

Elsewhere on the show, Cher, 28, and her mum Dawn, 59 – from Florida – say they "feel for each other" like twins.

They wear matching clothes, and even have a unique handshake.

Over in California, 21-year-old Mariah says she wants mum Sandra, 45, to "be 21 with her".

They go clubbing together – and have even had matching boob jobs.

Sandra says: "This is our movie and everyone is just extras".

Smothered begins on TLC at 10pm tonight.

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