Mum uses three-ingredient solution to transform everything from filthy cookers to greasy tiles and even sofas – and the results are incredible

One mum took to Facebook to gush over her cleaning spray, sharing incredible before-and-after photos of her cooker.

She wrote on Cleaning Tips and Tricks: “This stuff really is a miracle solution.

“I'm embarrassed by how gross my cooktop actually was but just hated scrubbing it clean, so I simply just didn't do it.

“It hardly took any effort or time at all to clean with the miracle solution and a microfibre cloth… amazing!”

She revealed that the home-made spray was made up of simple ingredients you might already have in your kitchen cupboard.

And the ingredients can all be bought for under a fiver – coming to £4.56.

Along with hot water, washing up liquid, washing soda – otherwise known as soda crystals – white vinegar and eucalyptus oil all go into the solution.

But some shops sell vinegar which contains eucalyptus, so the solution can contain as little as three ingredients – not counting water.

To make up the solution, simply mix 1.5 litres of boiling water, 300ml of vinegar – and 25ml of eucalyptus oil if adding separately – 600ml washing up liquid and three teaspoons of soda crystals.

Then simply pour into a spray bottle and get cleaning.

Other people who also tried the mixture raved about it online, sharing photos of other cleaning successes including a dirty sofa and a sink.

Posting on Facebook, one person said: “Love this spray. It's the only one I use."

Another said: “Brilliant for your stove top and even the bathroom.”

  • Soda Crystals 1 Kilograms, Tesco, £1 – buy now

  • Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid, Waitrose, £1.31 – buy now

  • Household Vinegar 20% Concentrate Eucalyptus, Biolindo, £2.25 – buy now

And giving some handy tips, this person wrote: “Spray then let it sit for 10 minutes before wiping, and you don't need to scrub anything.”

It seems its potential is massive, with one person revealing it even worked on wax.

They wrote: “I found a spillage in my candle cupboard from essential oils… it's obviously been there a while because it was extremely sticky and tacky.

“Gave it a spray and literally waited a minute and then just wiped it straight off.”

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