Mum’s cleaning warning goes viral after she ruins her fridge with a magic eraser

A WOMAN has shared the horrific moment she tried to clean her fridge with a “magic eraser” and left the outside destroyed. 

The Sydney-based mum revealed that the cleaner has completely taken off the “top layer of coating” of her stainless steel appliance. 

The mortified mum said she was left so embarrassed at her error that she has bought a new fridge rather than let people see the ruined door. 

She said that at first she was pleased with “how well” the eraser was working, but soon she realised her mistake. 

The photo shows the damaged appliance, with the coating completely stripped away in patches. 

She said: “Then I stood back and wanted to cry.”

Many people reacted with sympathy to her cleaning disaster, and echoed her words of warning. 

One said: “Magic erasers are like fine grade sandpaper and should be used with much caution.”

Another said that you should always trial the sponge in an “inconspicuous” area first, as they can take off paint. 

Others thanked the mum for her stark warning and said they would avoid using the eraser on stainless steel surfaces.

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