Parents name their baby daughter after internet provider in exchange for 18-years' free WiFi

A NEW mum and dad have decided to call their new daughter after a WiFi company in exchange for free internet for 18 years. 

Swiss internet provider Twifi is currently offering the deal for any parents who call their newborns Twifius or Twifia. 

The website says: “Simply upload a photo of your child's civil birth certificate. After verification, Twifi will give you 18 years of free internet."

While the offer may seem baffling, a couple, who chose to remain anonymous, has taken the company up on the deal. 

The parents, aged 30 and 35, have given their baby daughter the middle name Twifia, and say they will put the money they would have spent on WiFi into an account for her. 

They hope that this fund will enable her to drive and buy a car when she turns 18, Kidspot reports.

The dad said: "The longer I thought about it, the more unique the name became for me, and that was when the thing got its charm."

The mum admitted that she took more persuading, but added: "For me, the name Twifia also stands for connection in this context. For an eternal bond.

"There are much worse names. And the more often we say 'Twifia', the heartier the name sounds."

The parents have added Twifia behind their daughters two other first names, but say they are a “little ashamed” they have used it in the first place.

The longer I thought about it [using the name Twifia, the more unique the name became for me, and that was when the thing got its charm.

They said: "We want to remain anonymous to those around us because we don't want to justify ourselves. 

"Because the accusation of having sold our child's name hits us very hard. We are also a little ashamed."

It is said that Twifi boss Philippe Fotsch will pay for their internet even if his company goes bust as a "matter of honour", and the offer is still open to other new parents.

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