People can't understand what's wrong with this bride's wedding dress… then realise she's actually a GUEST

A woman is being shamed online for turning up to another person’s wedding in a dress that looks like a wedding gown.

The unknown guest has since become the subject of a Reddit feed after a picture was posted of her attending the ceremony in a lace cream dress, despite the nuptials not being her own.

Along with the photo, the user posted: ‘You’re probably wondering why this is shame worthy. Well how do you feel now that you know she was ***NOT*** the bride.’

While the guest appeared to be more than happy to throw out the rule book on this occasion, many users of the site felt that she had made a mistake in her choice of outfit.

One user wrote: ‘What the f***? You could literally go down the aisle in that dress. I really hope she was kicked out for the sheer audacity and rudeness.’

Another said: ‘It’s not just the shade, or the length, or the shape, it’s ALL those things combined!’

While another said: “My issue is not so much with the colour, as it is with the fact that you have the choice to wear ANYTHING, like ANYTHING else. And you choose white. Even say, floral with a white background – fine.”

Users have struggled to get their head around her decision to wear the extravagant gown.

One wrote: ‘I want to know the entire train of thought that not only preceded wearing this to a wedding, but what she was thinking when she bought it and why. Why? Seriously. It’s literally a wedding dress. Did she go to a bridal shop to get it?’

One even had a theory as to why the guest might have chosen to wear that particular outfit.

They wrote: ‘Bitter side chick?’

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