Stacey Solomon shares genius way she keeps her shoes tidy using curtain hooks

WE all love a good organisation hack – especially when it comes from Stacey Solomon who is fast becoming a go-to guru for house hacks and storage solutions. 

So when the mum-of-three shared a quick and easy shoe storage solution with her 2.8 million followers on Instagram, we were hooked  – much like Stacey's shoes.

Stacey first shared an image of her shoes lined up neatly on the floor in a small space between the wall and what appeared to be a cabinet.

She captioned the photo: "Sometimes you just need to take a moment to do something you love and take your mind off the world."

For many people the shoes would already appear to be organised, but the problem-solver took it a step further and followed with a snap showing her DIY shoe hack – and it really is genius.

Stacey had used tension rods and hooks to hang her shoes, and not only did they become neat and organised, but the clever hack now allows her to showcase her impressive shoe-drobe.

The tension rods were positioned in three even rows which allowed four or five pairs of shoes to hang from each row.

To hang the shoes, the clever Stacey used curtain rings that simply hook onto the back of the shoe – it could't be more simple, really.

When posting the handy hack, Stacey wrote: "Feel much better. Tension rods make me happy."

The idea is genius, however, it's not something completely new to Stacey who has applied the same storage system once before.

Earlier on in the month, she revealed her new organised kitchen, excitingly detailing her storage solutions.

But this time Stacey used the tension rods inside her pantry where she hung the kids snacks from individual hooks – organised by colour, obviously.

At the time, she captioned the photo: " Honestly, I just sat here cracking up at myself for how happy this has made me. Why do I love this so much? "

We love it too, Stacey, we love it too.

She has also used the same trick to hang dish cloths under the sink – which she shared on her Instagram last month.

The star is now considered an innovator in the world of home hacks after following in the footsteps of her pal Sophie 'Mrs Hinch' Hincliffe who, like Stacey, has an army of followers on Instagram who tune in for the clever household tips and tricks.

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