Thrifty mum shows how you can still use a deflated pool as a slip and slide – and her kids are loving it

A THRIFTY mum has shown the ingenious way she used her deflated pool and said her kids are loving it. 

The savvy woman said she was initially upset to find the paddling pool was broken, but then decided to use it as a slippery surface for her kids’ slide. 

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she showed a video of her kids happily sliding into the deflated wet pool. 

She wrote: “That devastating moment when you find your fast set pool is broken!

“If you have one lying around it can be used in an alternative way, the bottom of it is great for speedy sliding. 

“Ours was stored away for so long it was pretty grim, 2 hours of cleaning it up we were still able to find a use for it!

“We have already have slip n slide but they thought this was different, either way they are all very happy.”

Her savvy garden hack has clearly impressed fellow parents, and has racked up hundreds of likes. 

One person wrote: “Ours has started to deflate so an alternative use would be good!”

Another added: “Really cool, especially on this hot weather. Spot on! Enjoy kids while it lasts.”

Meanwhile, another commented: “awwwwww they're still havin a ball.”

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