TikTok hack shows how to find the perfect jeans without trying them on

Lots of people still feel uncomfortable about visiting shop fitting rooms at the moment – but a woman on TikTok has come up with the perfect solution.

She’s found a way to spot the perfect pair jeans, without the need to try them on.

Billie Newland – a 25-year-old from Iowa, USA – explains in her video that she discovered the hack by accident, when she was doing laundry.

In the clip, she says to measure the waistband of the jeans using your forearm – from the wrist to the elbow. If the arm fits snugly inside, then the pair will fit well.

She states: ‘If there’s a large gap between your elbow, your hand and the end of the jeans, they are simply too big.

‘On the flip side, if you pick up a pair of jeans and you can’t fit your arm into the waistband, they’re too small.

‘But if you find a pair of jeans and your elbow and your arm fit completely snug, that’s your perfect pair.’

Billie also claims this hack works with any brand in any store.

Speaking to Insider about how she came up with the hack, Billie said: ‘I was folding my jeans when my elbow actually got caught in the waistband, and then I realised my elbow to wrist fit in the band, so I thought it could either be a coincidence or might actually mean something.

‘I tried the elbow to wrist trick on a bigger pair I had just washed and there was more of a gap, so I thought maybe I could be onto something.’

The TikTok has now received more than 270,000 likes and has attracted a plethora of comments.

But lots of people have been keen to point out another way this can be achieved, using an alternative method.

One person replied: ‘Or you can just put the waist around your neck and see if it fits.’

The ‘neck technique’ refers to wrapping the waist of a pair of jeans around a person’s neck – if it touches at the back, it’s thought the pair will fit the individual.

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