Tricky new game challenges people to decide whether the dot is in the exact centre of these shapes… so how many can YOU guess correctly?

Created by design agency Supremo, It's Centred That features a small black dot which is either in the precise centre of a shape or just a few pixels off either side.

The Salford design agency created the game to test if the ability to guess the centre of an object is something we acquire through training or it comes naturally to us.

But while it may sound incredibly simple, this brainteaser becomes increasingly challenging as you progress through the game.

With other shapes being introduced into the designs to throw players off, the current average score for this brainteaser just 7.14 out of 10.

So how well will YOU do?

Which dots were in the exact centre?

Having been played over 20,000 times already, puzzle fans have shared their frustration with the straightforward game.

One fan wrote: "This is more difficult than I thought! All I can say is trust your instincts. Every time I second-guessed myself, I was wrong."

Another added: "This game is addicting. The triangles keep f***ing me up."

Commenting on how addictive the new brainteaser is, another simply stated: "Found my new pass time – centring dots in shapes.."

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