Woman transforms battered leather sofa using just £1.29 MOISTURISER and the difference is incredible

A MRS Hinch fan managed to restore her battered leather couch using an unlikely product – baby moisturiser. 

The woman thought her cracked couch had seen better days and was destined for the dump, but she tried a last-ditch attempt to revive it. 

She slathered it in £1.29 Baby Dove Cream after hearing about someone doing the same with their settee – and the results are incredible. 

The cleaning fan shared before-and-after snaps to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, where it’s racked up more than 800 likes. 

She wrote: “Can I just say to whoever it was that mentioned ‘moisturiser on your leather couch as it is skin after all’ THANK YOU!

“Look at the difference a bit of baby dove cream, about to go in the bin has made!”

People were blown away with the difference, and vowed to slap some cream on their own sofas rather than buy a new one. 

One person raved: “I’ll be doing this next week!”

Another wrote: “You’ve inspired me!”

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A third commented: “That’s brilliant. Looks nice now. Thanks, I’ll be using this for future use.” 

While this woman joked: “What a great tip! It’s worked wonders on your leather sofa. Great stuff. 

“It’s kept me young for nearly 50 some years.”

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