Women are adding crushed up contraceptive pills to shampoo in a bid to boost hair growth in bizarre TikTok trend

WOMEN are crushing up contraceptive pills and adding them to their shampoo in a bid to boost hair growth. 

The bizarre trend emerged on TikTok with scores of women filming themselves crushing up pills, in the belief the hormones will make their locks grow faster.

Sharing a clip online, one woman said: “I heard #birthcontrolpills in your shampoo is supposed to helps with hair growth.”

Another woman claims she learned the tip from her mum, as she showed viewers her short hair.  

She admitted she’s been “trying to grow my hair out for like 2 years”.

She wrote: “So when my mom was younger, she told me she would crush up birth control and put it in her shampoo to make her hair grow.

“So I decided to try it.” 

And a third committed to the experiment for three months, saying: “I saw a TikTok of a girl  putting birth control in her shampoo for hair growth.” 

The clips have racked up thousands of views and comments, with one person saying: "This is ridiculous. I'll be trying it immediately."

Another said: "Done this in the past and I highly recommend."

A third wrote: "Wait omg my mom used to do this to her hair too I didn't believe her at first."

While hormones play an important part in our skin and hair growth, experts have claimed putting them in your shampoo will have no effect. 

Dr Shirin Lakhani, of Elite Aesthetics, told Femail that contraceptive pills weren’t designed to be absorbed through the skin or scalp.

But she explained: “I can see why people may think that adding hormonal contraceptives to shampoo makes hair grow longer.

“The viral trend for adding hormonal contraceptives to shampoo in a bid to make hair grow longer won’t work. 

“Hormonal contraceptives are not designed to be absorbed transdermally and the skin is an otherwise impermeable barrier.”

Instead she recommended eating food rich in Biotins and Vitamin B, such as meat, seafood, leafy greens and almonds to stimulate hair growth.

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